Fleet Management

If you own a fleet of vehicles and have found it cumbersome to manage – Novo is the partner in progress to look up to.
One of the largest expenses your business will see in your balance sheets is your company’s fleet expenses. Why spending more money acquiring, maintaining, and managing a fleet of depreciating assets and take money away from resources that would otherwise be crucial to grow your business. The smart option of Novo fleet management service.
Are you interested in a reliable fleet management solution from an experienced provider? Novo Car Rental has the experience and expertise with over 25years experience in Logistics and fleet management, we guarantee to save your money.

We buy-off a client’s existing vehicle fleet and redeploy same to the client at an agreed monthly rate. This helps the client to be liquid and eliminates distraction associated with vehicle management.

We buy, operate, maintain fuel and recruit, control and equip the drivers of all vehicles in your fleet. All you do is pay a fixed agreed monthly rate!! Excellent cashflow management.

You buy the vehicles but we manage same for you at a fee to be agreed.