Novo Orange Driving School

Drivers Training

We are committed to making our roads accident-free as we make a professional driver out of you in good time. Our instructors are hands-on and are bent on bringing sanity to our roads, one driver at a time.

Driver's Re-Certification

This is a service that ensure various specialized vehicle driver operators of articulated trucks, trailers, caterpillars, pay loaders, etc are recertified for safety and compliance with set-rules of operations.

We are licensed by the Lagos State Driving Institute (LASDRI) and the Federal Road Safety Commission as one of the authorized organizations to certify drivers for awarding certificates of completion.

Driver's License

Orange Driving School – “The Academy is licensed by LASDRI and FRSC to train and certify drivers for the award of driver’s licenses.

We help to facilitate, acquire and renew driver’s licenses with ease. Whether it’s a first-timer or a renewal, we go through the rigors of verifying driver’s competence and their eligibility to be on the road before a license is issued.